Best paper award

Sean Westwood and I have won the 2015 Roberta Sigel Junior Scholar Paper Award from the International Society of Political Psychology for the Limits of Partisan Prejudice. Alt text

Princeton Media and Polarization

I spoke about our broadband paper today as part of the Political Polarization: Media and Communication Influences conference put together by Sean Westwood and Talia Stroud. Lots of exciting new work in this field.

Asymmetry work in the nytimes

Tom Edsall discussed my work with Paul Sniderman on asymmetry in ideology in his nytimes column. Namely, he discusses America’s aversion–especially among Republicans–for particularistic policies.

Talk at wisconsin

Speaking today at my alma mater, the journalism school at the University of Wisconsin. A copy of my slides

Op-Ed in the NYTimes

Ari Malka and Michael Inzlicht wrote an op-ed in the Sunday Times that discusses some of our recent work, which was published in JPSP.

“Analyzing responses from over 70,000 people from 51 countries, we found that people with a conservative personality did indeed tend to adopt culturally conservative attitudes on matters like abortion, homosexuality and immigration. On this count, the rigidity of the right model seems to be valid.

But when it came to economic matters related to social welfare policy and economic intervention — the central feature of the left-right divide in much of the world — the results were far different. People with a conservative personality tended to lean slightly to the left.””