Various papers accepted

Brenes, C., Wojcieszak, M.E., Lelkes, Y., De Vreese, C. (Forthcoming) Motivated Selective Exposure among Issue Publics. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly.

Malka, A., Osborne, D., Soto, C. J., Greaves, L. M., Sibley, C. G., & Lelkes, Y. (Forthcoming). Binding Moral Foundations and the Narrowing of Ideological Conflict to the Traditional Morality Domain. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Lelkes, Y. and Westwood, S. (Forthcoming). The Limits of Partisan Discrimination. Journal of Politics.

Lelkes, Y. (2016). Mass Polarization: Manifestations and Measurements. Public Opinion Quarterly, 80 (S1): 392-410.


I’ve had a good month for publications. Three papers accepted!

Lelkes, Y. (Forthcoming). Loser’s Consent and the Partisan Press: The Effect of Political Parallelism on the Political Legitimacy Gap. Political Communication.

Lelkes, Y., and Weiss, R. (Forthcoming). Much Ado About Acquiescence: The Relative Validity and Reliability of Construct-Specific and Agree-Disagree Questions. Research and Politics.

Lelkes, Y., Malka, A., and Sheets, P. (Forthcoming). Democratic Like Us? Political Orientation and the Effect of Making Democracy Salient on Anti-Israel Attitudes. Journal of Experimental Political Science.

Hostile Audience

Gaurav, Shanto, and I had our paper on polarization and internet access accepted into the AJPS.

Temple Talk

I spoke today at my alma mater (MA in political science) on broadband access, selective exposure and polarization. Thanks especially to Kevin Arceneaux for hosting me. Also, fun dinner with Michael Hagen, Nyron Crawford, and Kevin.

Best paper award

Sean Westwood and I have won the 2015 Roberta Sigel Junior Scholar Paper Award from the International Society of Political Psychology for the Limits of Partisan Prejudice. Alt text